Your question: Is the Harley 883 a good starter bike?

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. If you’re a diehard Harley fan and you refuse to ride any other brand of bikes, then this is still not a good motorcycle for you as a beginner. … The main reasons why the Iron 883 isn’t great for amateurs is due to its performance. This bike boasts a massive engine that only gets 45 hp …

Is a Harley Sportster a good starter bike?

One of the first models often brought up with new riders is the Harley-Davidson Sportster. It’s a little bit heavy and it can be expensive, but there are also several unique qualities that make the Sportster one of the best beginner bikes out there.

What is a good Harley to start with?

What Are The Best Harleys For Beginners?

  • Street 500- With modern styling and lightweight frame, it offers immense power and control to the rider. …
  • Street 750- This model replaces the typical Harley-Davidson rumble with more of a polite purr. …
  • Street Rod XG750A- It is the sportier twin of Street 750.
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How fast will a Harley 883 go?

Top Speed: 105 mph (Est.)

Is the iron 883 too heavy?

The bigger the engine, the heavier the machine, and the faster it can generally go. So while the Iron 883 as a first bike is definitely not going to be as heavy-duty as some of its big brothers, it’s still a heavy-duty machine.

Is the Harley 883 a girl bike?

Among the Harley community, the Sportster is generally and derogatorily called a “girl’s bike” because it’s the smallest of the three Harley engine families: Sportster; “Big Twin” and V-Rod. … With its 900cc engine (actually 883) it is big enough and powerful and more than fast enough for me.

Is the Iron 883 worth it?

The Iron 883 is one of the best looking Harley’s in my opinion. It has a beastly look that is classic at the same time as it is modern. If you want an aggressive looking motorcycle, look no further than this bike. The engine of this monster is powered by a 53.9 cu inch engine, or 883 cc’s.

Is a Harley Low Rider a good first bike?

Registered. IMHO, a Low Rider will do fine for a first bike. As you said, it fits your size, and while it’s not lighter than a Sportster, it’s got a much lower center of gravity, making it more stable at low speeds, and easier to keep from dropping. Just take it slow, don’t push your envelope too much at any one time.

Are Harley Davidsons expensive to maintain?

Harley-Davidson recommends periodic servicing every 5,000 miles, meaning you’ll have four scheduled servicing appointments. If the average 5,000-mile service for a Harley motorcycle costs $400 on average, your annual maintenance costs will be $1600.

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Is it hard to ride a Harley?

IS IT HARDER TO LEARN TO RIDE A HARLEY® THAN OTHER TYPES OF MOTORCYCLE? Not at all. Larger, heavier Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are positionally stable, with wide tires that make keeping the bike upright a little simpler. … You’re going to drop your bike.

What year did the Iron 883 come out?

The Iron 883 first appeared in 2009 as the entry level model in the Harley range. Unlike previous 883s, which were colourful, chromed and generally uncool the Iron was meant to be dark, brooding and badass. Everything was blacked out, the suspension was slammed and it made all the right noises.

How many gears does a Harley 883 have?

There are 5 Speed gears available in Harley Davidson Iron 883.

How many miles per gallon does a Harley 883 get?

The gas tank has a 3.3-gallon fuel capacity and a 51-mpg fuel economy. The 2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is a great bike for those just entering the motorcycle world and for those looking for a city joyrider.

Is Iron 883 a cruiser?

The Iron 883 regularly makes “best cruisers under $10,000” lists because of its style and accessibility, though there are some competitors, like the Yamaha Bolt and Triumph’s Street Twin and Bobber models, that also offer a stripped-down urban vibe or blacked-out custom sensibility.

How much is a brand new Harley-Davidson 883?

2020 Harley-Davidson Iron 883™ • $8,999.