When you see cyclists ahead you should?

When you see a cyclist up ahead in the road, remember to slow down! Passing riders at high speeds increases the chance of an accident, and can be terrifying to the riders. Wait until you are on a clear, straight stretch of road so you can safely pass. Passing on hills can also be dangerous because it limits visibility.

What should you do when approaching a bicyclist?

When passing a bicyclist:

  1. Allow them at least 3 feet of space.
  2. Do not force them into parked vehicles or off the road.
  3. Pass a bicyclist at a safe speed.
  4. If there is an oncoming vehicle approaching and you need to pass a bicycle, wait until the vehicle has passed before passing the bike.

When you see a bicyclist you should?

Bicyclists should be traveling WITH traffic on the right side of the road, except, of course, when they have to pass, make a legal left-hand turn or navigate a one-way street. Keep a lookout for hand signals directing you to their turns. Responsible bicyclists should always use hand signals for everyone’s safety.

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When sharing the road with a bicyclist you should?

What You Should Know When Sharing the Road with Cyclists

  1. The number of cyclists on our roads, especially in large cities, has increased over the years. …
  2. Pay attention to the bike lane. …
  3. Be careful opening your car door. …
  4. Watch your turns. …
  5. Not all roads have bike lanes. …
  6. Have patience.

When should you follow a cyclist?

Here’s a list of bicycle safety rules you should follow if you’re on a bike:

  1. Stop for stop signs and red lights.
  2. Follow all traffic signs and traffic laws.
  3. Go with the flow (of traffic)
  4. Use turn lanes and arm turn signals so cars know where you’re going.
  5. Follow the posted speed limit, speedzilla.

Where must a bicyclist ride their bicycle?

Bicyclists are required to stay on the right side of the road, unless turning, avoiding an object, or safety requires they ride in the center or left part of the lane. The fact that bicyclists may travel slower than the posted speed limit does not limit their right to use the roadway.

What should you do when approaching or passing a bicyclist quizlet?

Three feet is the minimum passing space that motorists should leave when passing a bicyclist. Higher speeds require more passing space. Always wait until you can see oncoming traffic and then safely pass by moving partially or fully into the other lane. This delay is usually brief.

When you see a bicyclist on the road ahead with their left arm extended downward to their left you should assume?

Answer: He/she is going to stop. Explanation: The most common signal to indicate that a cyclist is stopping is to extend the left arm and angle it down from the elbow.

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When passing a bicyclist you should blast your horn?

➢ Don’t blast your horn when approaching cyclists; startling them could cause an accident. ➢ Don’t pass a cyclist if you’re immediately turning right; you may cause a crash. Pass with care! Give 3 feet!

What should you do when passing a bicyclist in Massachusetts?

pass a bicycle at a safe distance, be PATIENT until you can safely use an adjacent lane or WAIT until it is safe to pass in the lane you share. (Chap. 89, Sec. 2) You should stay at least three feet away when passing.

Should bikes be on the road?

The first position, vehicular cycling, is simple: Bikes should have the right to share the road with cars, and in exchange, they should have to follow all the same rules. … Instead, Forester argued, bikers should ride in their center of the lanes, forcing cars to use the opposite passing lane to pass.

What does it mean to share the road with bicycles?

Bicycle drivers “own” the road to the same extent as motorists. The driver in front is supposed to have the right-of-way and lane control whether the driver is on a bicycle or another vehicle.

When can a bicyclist take a whole lane?

Guidance for placement. Option: 01 The Bicycles May Use Full Lane (R4-11) sign may be used on roadways where no bicycle lanes or adjacent shoulders usable by bicyclists are present and where travel lanes are too narrow for bicyclists and motor vehicles to operate side by side.

When passing a bicyclist you should leave a distance?

Leave a safe distance, but not less than three (3) feet, when passing the bicycle or individual and shall maintain that distance until safely past the overtaken bicycle or individual.

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What are three rules that cyclists should follow but motorists don’t have to?

The Rules of the Road that Cyclists Need to Know


Can cyclists ride between cars?

Cyclists on the roadways must ride in the same direction as motor vehicle traffic. If cyclists are moving as fast as the traffic, they may ride in the middle of a lane. … When a motor vehicle passes a bicycle, according to the “Three Feet for Safety Act,” the vehicle must leave at least a 36-inch distance between them.