What is an epic mountain bike ride?

To us, “epic” defines a ride that you’ll remember for the rest of your life; rides that you’ll tell stories about for years to come. For one of many reasons: the pain you endured, the landscape you rode through, the distance you covered, the challenges you overcame, or the combination of all the above.

How long is an epic ride?

For our 2021 edition of “The Epic”, we plan to stick to the original direction for all courses. Prepare to experience some of the best singletrack in the Mid-Atlantic. Showcasing over 70 miles across 11 different parks in Montgomery County, the possibilities for an epic adventure are endless with the MoCo Epic.

What is an epic trail?

The Epic trail is the only IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) certified Epic trail in the Southern Hemisphere. … Starting on the Family Trail, you flow down Gang Gangs, out along the Picnic Trail, Cornhill, Woolybutt and to Howqua Gap – then you’re met with a decision to make.

What is considered a long MTB ride?

50 + miles is a long ride.

How long should a mountain bike ride be?

So the average mountain bike ride is around 10 miles which means that given the average speed it should take about 1:23 to complete a ride.

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How often should you MTB?

Some manufacturers advise to service it every 50 hours (Rockshox) of riding and others 75 to 100 hours. The hours are based on normal trail riding, if you shred hard, you probably have to check more often. Your fork has a huge impact on how your mountain bike rides and performs, you want to keep it in good condition.

Is 30 miles a long bike ride?

Even if you maintain a slow pace, a 30-mile tour will take about 2 hours on a road bike. Road bicycles only need little effort to pedal and are lightweight. These ideal features make you faster as you can focus more on mileage than force. Mountain bikes, or mtb, are ideal for bumpy terrains and hilly lands.

Is 30 miles on a mountain bike good?

You won’t have any problems doing it on a mountain bike, just be a little slower than if you had actual road bikes. Get some slick tires, If you have a Performance store nearby they usually have 26″ slicks pretty cheap, around $10 each or so. You don’t need anything special.

Why are mountain bikes so slow?

Mechanically, the extra weight of the MTB, lower gearing, and the increased rolling resistance of the wheels (wider, knobby tires as well as lower tire pressure) will make the bike slower than a road bike for the same amount of pedaling effort.

Is 15 mph fast on a mountain bike?

What Good Mountain Bike Average Speed? In general, for an average cyclist, 17 mph is considered a good average speed for a mountain bike on road, while on trails speed can drop dramatically to 14 mph due to the hard riding condition on these paths.

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What is a lot of miles for a mountain bike?

It’s a pretty decent amount. Maybe a summers worth for someone who rides a moderate to large amount? If someone rides slow, steep, techy stuff 500 miles will usually be more wear. At 500 miles you’ll see a moderate amount of wear on various components like the chain, brake pads, tires, etc.