Question: Are trek good mountain bikes?

Is trek a good MTB brand?

Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Here, innovations are not limited to only the highest-end MTB models. Every Trek mountain bike is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better.

Are Trek bikes reliable?

Are Trek Bikes Any Good? Yes, Trek bikes are very good. Trek has a long history of making quality bikes that are used by beginner, hobby, and elite cyclists around the world. Trek bikes last for a long time and have excellent reselling value years after purchase.

Is Trek better than specialized?

Trek has a wider variety of bikes to choose from compared to Specialized. At entry-level, you get slightly better parts when you go with Specialized. Both offer competing high-end bikes with slight variations in geometry. Both brands offer a wide range of mountain bikes like hardtails, full suspension, hybrids, etc.

What is a decent mountain bike brand?

Best Mountain Bike Brands

  1. Bakcou. Bakcou doesn’t make “normal bicycles”. …
  2. Bianchi. Bianchi is most well known for making road bikes, so it might come as a surprise to some that Bianchi also makes high-quality mountain bikes. …
  3. BMC. …
  4. Cannondale. …
  5. Co-op Cycles. …
  6. Diamondback. …
  7. Ghost Bikes. …
  8. Giant.
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Why are Trek bikes so popular?

Trek is a reputable bike brand known for sponsoring some of the best cyclists. The bikes are quality in build, lighter, comfortable, and more durable. Those are some of the reasons why you should buy a Trek bike.

Are Trek bikes good for jumps?

Since smaller wheels are more nimble and easier to throw around, we also use them on Remedy – our trail bike built for playful riding and extra style points on jumps.

Do Trek bikes hold their value?

Specialized and Trek bicycles often have excellent value, as these brands are known for quality manufacturing and are desired by bike enthusiasts. What is this? … Their S-Works models really hold their value.”

How long does a Trek bike last?

To summarise, a bike will have a lifetime of approximately five everyday-riding years before it gets shot to pieces. This lifetime can be extended indefinitely through new components and diligent maintenance (or instantly shortened in the case of a crash).

Where is Trek made?

Trek has two manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin — one in Waterloo and one in Whitewater. Overseas, it builds in Germany, Holland and China.

Is Specialized owned by Trek?

Mike Sinyard remained majority owner and CEO of the company. As of 2016, Specialized is one of the biggest bicycle brands operating in the United States, alongside Trek Bicycle Corporation and Giant Bicycles.

Are specialized bikes good quality?

Is Specialized a good brand? Short answer: Yes, Specialized is a good brand that you can trust, the quality of the products is high and you can definitely buy Specialized bikes without regrets. Because when you buy a Specialized bike, you’re doing more than investing money in a metal frame with rubber tires.

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What size of mountain bike do I need?

What size mountain bike do I need?

Rider Height Suggested Mountain Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches)
5’2″ – 5’6″ 158cm – 168cm 15″ – 16″
5’6″ – 5′ 10″ 168cm – 178cm 17″ – 18″
5’10” – 6’1″ 178cm – 185cm 19″ – 20″

What is a good beginner mountain bike?

Best mountain bikes for beginners

  • Ragley Marley 1.0. Playful hardtail that can take on any trail. …
  • Orbea Laufey H30. Aggresive hardtail for trail shredding. …
  • Vitus Escarpe 29 CR. …
  • Commencal Meta HT AM Origin. …
  • Specialized Chisel Comp. …
  • Cannondale Habit 4. …
  • Vitus Sentier 29 VR. …
  • Trek Roscoe 8.

What is the best all round mountain bike?

10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2021

  • Best Overall Trail Bike. Ibis Ripmo V2 XT. $5,899 List. Wheel Size: 29-inch | Rear Travel: 147mm. …
  • Best Mid-Travel Trail Bike. Yeti SB130 TURQ X01. $7,299 List. …
  • Best 27.5-inch Trail Bike. Santa Cruz 5010 CC XO1 RSV. $8,099 List. …
  • Best Budget Mountain Bike. Giant Stance 29 2. $1,550 List.

Which MTB cycle is best?

Best MTB Cycles Available in India

  • Cannondale Trail 3 29 MTB Cycle.
  • Giant Talon 1 MTB Cycle.
  • Trek X-Caliber 8 MTB Cycle.
  • Merida Big Nine 600 MTB Cycle.
  • Giant Fathom 29er 2 MTB Cycle.
  • Scott Scale 940 MTB Cycle.
  • Giant Anthem 29 3 MTB Cycle.
  • Merida One-Twenty 7.500 MTB Cycle.