How much does it cost to have dirt bike suspension done?

How much does Factory Connection suspension cost?

WHAT IS IT? Factory Connection offers a performance kit for the 2018 Honda CRF450 that goes hand in hand with its re-valve that is tailored to your height, weight and skill level. WHAT’S IT COST? $450.00 (front & rear re-valve, not including fluids and springs), $224.95 (shock linkage), $159.95 (performance kit).

How much does it cost to rebuild dirt bike shocks?

Around $150 depending on parts.

How often should you service dirt bike suspension?

Our recommended service interval for a serious racer, or someone who wants the most consistent performance out of their bike’s handling, is every 15-20 hours of riding. However, if you’re a more casual rider, having your suspension serviced every 30-40 hours should be adequate.

How much does it cost to Revalve a dirt bike suspension?

Revalve – $250.00 Pair

Our revalving includes a complete rebuild plus precision machined piston and internal valving which is customized to each rider’s height, weight, type of riding, terrain and skill level.

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Is Factory Connection Suspension closing?

After 23-years of racing AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross, the Factory Connection team, better known in recent years as the Geico Honda team, has announced their departure from professional racing. Unfortunately, there were two big reasons as to why the team had to shut their doors. …

Should I lower my dirt bike?

Lowering the seat height on your dirt bike can greatly help your riding. Being a short rider, or just having a short inseam (leg length) makes it hard to touch the ground. Not being able to touch the ground creates more of a challenge if you’re a new rider or you ride in technical terrain.

How much does it cost to service dirt bike forks?

Approximate cost: $150 – $400

Motorcycle shops and dealers costs vary greatly depending upon where you live geographically but from the feedback we hear from our customers is they were quoted as low as $150 and as high as $400 to have a shop fully remove the forks and replace the seals.

How much does it cost to refill shocks?

Shock rebuilds are $25-40 per shock, assuming you have rebuildable shocks.

How much does it cost to have a rear shock rebuilt?

Basic rebuilds are around $100 a shock. I know some will say they get them done cheaper, but they usually are just oil changes. Same here. If no parts are needed, just oil and a recharge, its usually cheaper depending on the type shock.

Is maintaining a dirt bike expensive?

The costs of maintaining a dirt bike might vary, depending on what type of dirt bike you’re riding, a 2-stroke engine dirt bike or a 4-stroke. … The cost of properly maintaining a dirt bike is between $4500-$7500.

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How much is a full service on a dirt bike?

4-Stroke Level 1 Full Service – $99 plus parts

This applies to all four-stroke dirt bikes. It includes the following: Engine/Transmission oil change. Lube and adjust cables.

Are dirt bikes high maintenance?

Are Dirt Bikes High Maintenance? … They just require basic maintenance more often. Several things can and should be maintained after every single ride, and if you can get in the habit of doing these simple service practices after every ride, you will find maintaining your dirt bike very easy.