How do you adjust a derailleur on a mountain bike?

How do you adjust the rear derailleur on a mountain bike?

Pull the cable and tighten it in. Turn the pedals and pay attention to the rear cassette as you go and shift up one gear. If the derailleur hesitates then you need to turn out the adjuster screw on the shifter pod (half turns) until it shifts. Shift down and back up again checking to see you get a clean shift.

How do I adjust my rear derailleur?

Hop off your bike and do this: Shift your chain into the biggest chainring and smallest cog, then loosen the cable clamp bolt (where the cable attaches to the derailleur). Leave the derailleur in the smallest cog and adjust the high limit screw. Push the derailleur in the largest cog and adjust the low limit screw.

How do you adjust a rear derailleur without a barrel adjuster?

With no cable, put the chain in the small ring and big sprocket. Adjust the inner stop so that there is just the minimum of clearance to the chain. With the shifter in the released, small ring position, hold the end of the cable with pliers and put some tension on it as you tighten the clamp.

Why is my derailleur not working?

Likely the issue is either a bent derailleur hanger or the low limit screw needs to be adjusted. … If you have not recently changed or adjusted your drivetrain and your chain is falling off into the spokes, your derailleur hanger is most likely bent inward. If you have a spare hanger, this is its time to shine.

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Do you adjust front or rear derailleur?

In a nutshell, adjust the front derailleur first, then the rear. If the derailers just need minor tweaking (they are basically in adjustment but are “not quite right”) then you adjust the one that is obviously wrong, check the overall adjustment again, then again adjust what needs adjusting.