How do you activate the pedals on a smart trike?

How do you lock the pedals on a trike?

To enable the freewheel mode push the inner hub fully in and turn right to lock the pedals, the hub should pop out and be on the outside of the wheel casing. To enable the locked mode push the inner hub fully in and turn left to lock the pedals, the hub should stay fully inside the wheel casing.

How do you remove smarTrike pedals?

smarTrike’s classic trikes are equipped with a 2-mode pedaling system. When your child is unable to to pedal, have them rest their feet on the footrest with the clutch open. This will disengage the pedals from affecting the ride.

Is the Smart Trike seat adjustable?

Safe & Child Friendly

A trike is a safe and child friendly option for even younger children. … Most tricycle models are designed with multiple safety features including a push handle, safety harness, and adjustable seats, so you can ensure that your child is in the best position to enjoy even a longer trike ride.

Can you steer a SmarTrike?

No worries!

SmarTrike’s Touch Steering is a patented design that makes steering a toddler trike so easy that you can even do it with one hand.

Do smart trikes fold up?

smarTrike – STR3 Folding stroller trike

smarTrikes fully folding baby tricycle with stroller certification, it is designed to develop early childhood skills and grow with your child in 6 stages from 10-36 months.

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