Frequent question: Can you put any cassette on a bike?

Yes, almost any bike is compatible with bigger cassettes, bike drivetrain is groupset of components that works in perfect harmony, any miss reconfiguring can break the perfect functionality of the system, parts that need to be changed and reconfigured when putting bigger cassette which is long-chain, wide cage …

Can you put different cassette on a bike?

In some cases, it is possible to run a cassette from a different brand than the rest of your drivetrain. SRAM and Shimano cassettes, on either road or mountain bike, are interchangeable with each other as the spacing is the same between the sprockets.

Do all cassettes fit all hubs?

Simply put – 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes all fit on the same hub. A seven speed cassette will fit on an 8 speed freehub with the use of a spacer. (One notable exception is the Dura Ace FH-7801 hub with an alloy freehub which will only accept 10 speed Shimano cassettes – the newer Dura Ace hubs can run 8/9/10).

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How do I know what cassette will fit my bike?

The rule of thumb for choosing the right bike cassette is that the closer the number of “teeth” from the largest and the smallest cogs, the smaller the variation between gears, which ensures a smooth gear change.

Can I just change my cassette?

Sometimes it’s possible to replace individual cogs instead of the whole cassette, but not all cassettes have replacement parts, and it’s often better to replace the entire thing. Ask your local bike mechanic what’s best for your bike.

Can I put an 8 speed cassette on a 7 speed bike?

It should work. Spacing on Shimano is 5mm for 7 sp and 4.8mm on 8 sp. You’ll wind up with a phantom gear but everything should work.

Can you put an 11-speed cassette on a 10 speed bike?

It will shift fine with a Shimano or SRAM 11-speed system. And in case any of you were wondering, if you have a 10-speed Shimano or SRAM system and buy a wheelset now, you can still run 10-speed cogs on that wheel. To put a 10-speed cogset on an 11-speed freehub, you just put a spacer behind the largest cog.

Does any cassette fit any wheel?

Will any 700C wheel work with any gear cassette? No, it depends on what size free hub is on the wheel. I believe there is also variations in hub spacing too. It could be between 126mm and 135mm.

Are Campy and Shimano cassettes interchangeable?

Yes they are. The 11 speed cassettes of Shimano and Campagnolo have the same sprocket spacings and overall widths, so you can swap a Shimano wheel/freehub/11sp cassette with a Campagnolo wheel/freehub/11 speed cassette. Rest of the bike can be Shimano or Campag 11 speed, it doesn’t matter.

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Can I put a 11 speed cassette on a 9-speed hub?

An 11-speed cassette will fit on a 9-speed hub only when the hub is wide enough. Luckily, 8,9,10 and 11-speed mountain bike hubs have the same spacing, and one can therefore use an 11-speed cassette on all of them.

How much does it cost to replace a bike cassette?

It cost anything between $20 and $150 to replace a bike cassette, depending on size and brand. There are a few high-end cassettes, nonetheless, that cost as much as $300 or more. Note that you’ll need to factor in the labor cost and the chain cost (if it’s worn out), each averaging $20.

How do you match crank and cassette?

In general, cassettes, chains and chainrings are compatible with each other across manufacturers. You just have to make sure you select a chain and chainrings that are compatible with the number of sprockets in the cassette. The number of rings on the crank does not matter.

What does an 11 32 cassette mean on a bike?

That means the outer ring has 50 teeth and the inner ring has 34 teeth. The rear cassette is 11 speed 11-32. This means there are 11 cogs ranging from 11 teeth up to 32 teeth (the exact cogs are 11/12/13/14/16/18/20/22/25/28/32).

How many miles should a bike cassette last?

Very Roughly: bike cassette can last between 4000 to 6000 miles, and some can last up to 10,000 miles, an equivalent of 3 to 4 chains, it depends on the quality of the cassette itself, maintenance, and riding conditions.

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How long do cassette tapes last?

When properly cared for, your audio cassette tapes have a lifespan of 30 years. However, many factors can shorten that lifespan considerably. By this time, you’ve probably done the math. It has been almost 40 years which means your cassette tapes could be at risk!

How often should you change your bike cassette?

As mentioned, you will want to replace your bike cassette at least once every three years, even if you are not riding super regularly. However, if you are riding your bike a high mileage each year, you will want to change the cassette each season.