Do cube make good bikes?

Cube is the other big Germanic bike company beginning with a ‘C’. Long held in high regard by its fans for producing incredibly well specced bikes at great prices. One of the reasons Cube can offer such good value is that all of its bikes are hand assembled in their massive Bavarian factory.

Is Cube a good road bike brand?

The Cube Attain is an affordable endurance road bike. The geometry of the bike is relaxed, when compared to many other road bikes, with it’s 72.5° head tube angle. … Overall, this is a great entry-level road bike. Those looking for a race bike should look elsewhere.

What is the best Cube bike?

The Five Best Cube Mountain Bikes

  1. Cube Stereo 120 Pro 29 Suspension Bike 2021. Starting us off is the Cube Stereo 120 Pro Mountain Bike. …
  2. Cube Stereo 150 C:68 TM 29 Suspension Bike 2021. …
  3. Cube Reaction C:62 Race Hardtail Bike 2021. …
  4. Cube Aim 27.5 Hardtail Bike 2021. …
  5. Cube Analog 29 RS Hardtail Bike 2021.

Who makes Cube bicycles?

Cube – High quality bikes made in Germany

1993 in Waldershof founded the company headquarters of the company Cube is still today in the North Bavarian small town. Development, production and sales are carried out here on a total area of over 20,000 m².

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What is the best make of bike?

The Top 10 Best Bike Brands in the World

  • Merida.
  • Trek.
  • Specialized.
  • Cannondale.
  • Kona.
  • Scott.
  • Santa Cruz.
  • Marin.

What does SL mean on Cube bikes?

SL: Super Light aluminium.

Where are cube E bikes made?

Compared to most other bike brands that have their bikes assembled in Taiwan or China, Cube assemble the majority of their bikes in Germany. At the Waldershof factory, Cube receives all of the components required to assemble their fully-built bikes.

Is Cube AIM Pro good?

Overall, we’ve been hugely impressed by the quality, price, reviews and features of Cube Aim Pro 27.5 Hardtail Bike 2021. We’d say that as long as it fits your budget and meets your expectations in terms of features/spec…it’s a really strong contender. That’s why we’ve scored it a massive 9.1/10 overall.

Is Cube a German company?

CUBE is a German bicycle brand.

Is Cube agree an endurance bike?

The Cube Agree C:62 is an endurance road bike. … The bike is a capable climber and descends confidently. This is due to its long wheelbase, stiff bottom bracket, 28c tires and rigid carbon frame. The Agree is not the lightest in its category.

How heavy is a cube bike?

Cube Nuroad C:62 SL

At 7.8kg (claimed), this is a lightweight gravel bike with a racy edge that should be able to handle any slope you point it up.

Are Cube Bikes small?

Yes, I would say that the Cube frames do come up slightly smaller. I have a Cube Agree GTC pro, size 56 and I`m 5`9″ with a 29.5″ inside leg and it fits me perfectly. A size 56 frame of most of the other leading bike manufacturers would be way too big for me!!

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How much does a cube bike weigh?

One of the bike’s standout features is the sleek battery cover hiding the 625 Wh Bosch battery in the down tube of the carbon frame, powering a Bosch Performance CX motor. However, the bike weighs a not insignificant 24.75 kg.