Can you use car brake fluid in a mountain bike?

Broadly speaking, hydraulic disc brakes designed for bicycles will use either a mineral oil fluid, or an automotive DOT fluid. Genuine Shimano Mineral Oil is the only fluid compatible with Shimano brakes.

Can I use car brake fluid for my bike?

There is no difference in the motorcycle brake fluid and the car brake fluid. The motorcycle and the automotive fluid are one and the same. Both the car and the motorcycle use the same brake fluids. A DOT4 brake fluid used in a motorcycle is exactly the same DOT4 brake fluid used in a car.

Is car brake fluid the same as bike brake fluid?

just making sure there isnt a difference between motorcycle and car brake fluid. They are both the same.

What kind of fluid goes in bike brakes?

There are two different types of hydraulic fluid used in bicycle disc brakes; DOT fluid and Mineral oil. DOT fluid is the standard hydraulic fluid used in brakes, and mineral oil is exactly what you think it is- very similar to the stuff you’d buy at the pharmacy.

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Can I use DOT 4 instead of mineral oil?

No, mineral oil and DOT brake fluid are different and are NOT compatible.

What brake fluid does a mountain bike use?

There are two types of brake fluid used in mountain bike brakes today. DOT fluid and mineral oil. Which one you use is not up for discussion, you should only use the fluid your brake was designed to use. Introducing the wrong fluid into your brake will have adverse effects on your brakes performance.

Can I use DOT 4 for bike brakes?

most brakes use Dot 4 which is the same as most cars. Shimano use mineral oil ( a bit like Citroen LHM oil in the link below) which is not compatible and you can’t use Dot 4 in shimano brakes or mineral oil in brakes that use dot 4. Some brakes may say dot 5.1 but this is compatible with dot 4.

Can I use DOT 3 brake fluid in my mountain bike?

As you can see all of the glycol- based DOT fluids (3, 4 & 5.1) are fully compatible with each other and can be readily mixed or swapped without adversely affecting the brake’s performance or its characteristics. … Since there is no hydraulic mountain bike brakes using DOT 5 fluid we won’t worry too much about it.

What can I substitute for brake fluid?

The best brake fluid substitute is a water and soap solution. A water and soap solution is the best emergency substitute for brake fluid is because it is very easy to make. Many people have water and soap in their cars or homes.

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Can you use dot 5.1 in Shimano brakes?

S. said: Close – they can use DOT 3, 4 or 5.1 which are all glycol based, but DOT 5 and 5.1 are not actually compatible, because DOT 5 is silicone based.

How do you put brake fluid in a mountain bike?

Remove the bleed port screw and connect the empty syringe. Attach the second empty syringe to the bleed port on the brake lever. Then, start pushing the caliper syringe in and pulling the lever syringe out carefully. Slowly push the new DOT fluid into your braking system.

Does it matter what brake fluid I use?

YES! It’s very important– the fluid specified by the original vehicle manufacturers must be used. DOT 3 & 4 brake fluid is a mineral based fluid. … DO NOT use DOT 5 in a vehicle equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System).

Can you use baby oil in bike brakes?

You can use any lower weight fork oil, with matched viscosity, as these are not complex oils. If the viscosity is higher, the calipers wont retract correctly and you will have more brake rub.

What does DOT stand for in brake fluid?

All forms of brake fluid are given a DOT rating. DOT simply stands for Department of Transport, which sets the safety regulations for the acceptable performance of different brake fluids. The DOT ratings given to brake fluids are based on the liquid’s dry and wet boiling points.

What can I use instead of mineral oil for bike brakes?

Alternatives for mineral brake fluid / oil (in a pinch)

  • Fork cartridge oil (the lighter (more viscous) variant)
  • Total / Castrol LHM Plus Fluid ( I believe it’s power steering fluid)
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