Can I put bigger forks on my bike?

In general, bikes will happily accept forks that are up to 20mm larger than their designers intended. Feel free to go beyond that if you must, but be prepared for a bike that the manufacturer didn’t really intend to create. That doesn’t mean it will suck, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Can I put 140mm forks on a 120mm bike?

Going from 120 mm up to 140 mm should be perfectly fine. It will probably give you 1 degree of slack angle to your front end and raise your bb height by possibly 1/2″.

Can I put 140mm forks on a 100mm bike?

Installing a 140mm fork on a frame designed for a 100mm fork with slacken the head tube angle by almost 3 degrees. So if the head tube angle is 71 degrees, you will make it closer to 68 degrees – great for downhill stability, but will affect other handling characteristics of the bike.

Can you upgrade bike forks?

When you are looking to upgrade your suspension fork, it’s likely you will be looking at an Air fork. They are more adjustable, feel smoother most of the time, and normally they are the upgrade option. If you currently have a lower end coil fork, an air fork will make a huge improvement.

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Can I put a 150mm fork on a 120mm bike?

It is possible, nothing will prevent you from doing so.

What does 130mm travel mean?

~130mm Travel: “Trail” Bikes

Around 130mm travel is what most companies would call a “Trail” bike. These are generally designed for all around riding. They climb pretty well, and they descend pretty well. 130mm is also about the longest travel fork that you’ll commonly find on a hardtail.

Is 160mm travel too much for trail riding?

160mm of travel is only really needed if you’re hitting big hucks, or you’re smashing really long bouldery fast descents. What’s really useful is decent geometry, and unfortunately the vast majority of bikes with decent geometry are on 160mm travel bikes.

Is 150mm travel too much for a hardtail?

150mm 650b Revs on my 26″ Transam. Light front on steep climbs but I love it. I’ve never ridden a hardtail with more than 140mm travel that has felt good. 100-130mm is the sweet spot IMO.

Is 150 mm travel too much?

150mm is absolute overkill for every trail in the lower peninsula. Get a downcountry bike instead if you want to go the full suspension route. Or a rowdy hardtail.

Can you put a 27.5 fork on 26 bike?

1. It’s possible to install a 26-inch wheel on a 27.5-inch fork. The process is much easier if the bike has disc brakes. 2.

Can I put 120mm forks on a 100mm frame?

Yes, it is noticeable but not a disaster. You may have to alter the stem length to compensate but if you want to try it, go for it.

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Can I put a bigger rear shock on my bike?

The longer the rear shock, the more oil will be available to absorb the shock better. In this scenario, it does make sense to buy a longer rear shock. There will be more oil and space to absorb a lot of the movement of the bike while riding.

Can I put a 150mm fork on a 100mm bike?

Pretty common swap . a lot of guy’s do it and run the sag a bit deeper . There is a minimal effect on the geo. , in most cases it works just fine .